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Below, you can find more information about the field trips along with our transportation grants, maps and, other handouts. Click the links below.


Transportation Grant

Vocab List

Vocab Quiz

Cuyamaca Campus Map


How do I schedule a field trip?

Please call 619-670-5194


What is the cost?

All teachers and adults are $3

Students are Free.

Please have payment collected and ready upon arrival.


How many can we have in our group?

We have a maximum of 60 students. Please bring as many parents/chaperones as you’d like.


When is the tour and how long does it last?

Please arrive at 10am, the tour and shopping will last around 2 hours. 10am-12pm

For Focus field trips, please see bottom.


What if I don’t want my class to shop?

We highly encourage you to remind students to bring money as it is our Museum’s way on the trip to sustain ourselves and allow field trips to stay free! Items in our store are as low as .25 cents.


How should I prepare for the trip?

Please divide the students into 4 groups before arrival for 40 or more children, 3 groups for 25-35 children or 2 groups for 15-24 children.


Do you have any materials to share with the students?

We ask that you share our video of the Museum with students at: Intro video . Or by visiting our website at and scrolling to the bottom of our home page. We also have a vocabulary sheet and quiz you can share with them. During the trip, students will use a treasure hunt book they can work in and take home.

Where can I eat for lunch?

Many students like to eat on Cuyamaca’s Grand Lawn. You can find a map here. We also have a covered patio available. In case of extreme weather, we have a conference room, however, it may not be available. Please ask before your trip.


Where can I park?

Parking is free in the Museum’s designated lot.


Is there a grant?

Yes, the Museum offers up to $100 in bus transportation costs for schools per visit with a minimum of 20 students per bus. Please see the required application on our website for more details.


What should I expect?

The children will enter and be able to put lunches and backpacks on a side wall. They will then gather and sit for some instructions for the field trip. After the instructions, they will separate into their groups. One group goes to each wing. The docents will then begin their tour. Once the tour is completed, children will gather and sit for shopping instructions.


Anything else I should know?

Please keep students on the cement paths and out of landscaping areas upon arrival.



If you’d like to send thank you cards, letters, or drawings, we would love to see them! Please send them to:

Heritage of the Americas Museum

12110 Cuyamaca College Dr. W.

El Cajon, CA 92019

Focus Field Trip FAQ’s


How do I prepare for this field trip?

Please have the children divided into 2 groups before your arrival.


How long is this field trip?

We ask that you come either 9:45am-12pm or 10am-12:30pm to allow for enough time for the program.


Will the students shop this trip?

Yes! Please let them know to bring money. Our store sales is how we earn money to pay for the costs of your field trip.


What should I expect?

One group will immediately go back to our conference room where our presenter will be ready to teach you and your children about the Kumeyaay. The other group will stay out front where they will receive instructions on how to use their workbooks. After a certain amount of time, the groups will trade activities. Once completed, the children will be led onto the patio to be shown how Native Americans created fire. The children will then shop.