big yellow bus campaign

I envision two yellow buses a day bringing children to the Museum.
— Bud Lueck

As you know, our prices have stayed the same for 25 years so all families can enjoy the Museum. However, funding student field trips is essential to keeping Bud's (our founder) dream alive. He designed and built the Museum for field trips so students and children could visit for FREE. The Museum offers $100 grants for field trips to help cover transportation costs. We need your contributions to help keep children coming for their educational field trips at no cost to them. You will also receive a tax deductible donation letter and our sincere gratitude for supporting our efforts.

Last Year:

3,664 Students

958 Parents

44 Different Schools

141 Classes

Cost for Students: $0


Sponsor 5 Bus Rows (15 kids)


Sponsor Half a Bus (30 kids)


Sponsor a Full Bus! (60 kids)


Sponsor Five Full Buses! (300 kids)

Choose Your Amount


Your gift to the museum goes a long way in helping fulfill our mission, "to educate," and the dream of our founder, Bernard "Bud" Lueck. Your donation helps fund education for all ages and field trip programs for children so we may continue to inspire and teach today’s youth. Being a non-profit 501©3 means your donation is tax-deductible. Whether you can give a single dollar or a thousand dollars, your donation is much appreciated!


Matching Gifts

The impact of your dollar can double with the help of your employer. Many employers sponsor a matching-gift program. Some provide matching funds to support employee volunteer hours or to match contributions dollar for dollar. Check with your employer about a matching-gift program!